The Thai Association of University Women Under the Royal Patronage of H.R.H. Princess Galyani Vadhana Krom Luang Narathiwas Rajanagarinda


Regulations according to the resolution of the general meeting 2017

1. This association is called “The Thai Association of University Women” (TAUW)

2. Head office address location: 24 Soi On Nut 28 Sukhumvit 77 rd, Suan Luang district, Bangkok 10250

3. Association’s objectives:

3.1 Promote healthy relationships and participations in exchanging opinions between relevant members with different fields and expertise, to support and promote the status of women and young people according to human rights principles, both at home and abroad.

3.2 To promote continuing education throughout lifetime and supporting members and women in increasing knowledge. Provide opportunity to train, study, research, consult, seminar and studying abroad.

3.3 Develop guidelines to motivate and promote Thai women’s capability to make decision and expressing leadership skills in any social class in evolving globe. Be able to solve problems and issues that could obstruct the development of women.

3.4 share knowledge and opinion, to lead an event which are beneficial for society in order to improve quality of life, health and environment. This is to build a multidisciplinary network to support, promote, inherit and uphold Thai cultural identity.

3.5 Promote relationships and cooperation with women’s organizations, domestical and international universities for good relationship, for the advancement of women, and improve the quality of life.

3.6 Support the establishment of an association or a women’s education club in local region and to have an association or club for women education of Thailand for the Thai community abroad

3.7 Perform public charity in occasions

3.8 Work together with the MCOT Foundation on the same purpose not related to politics.

4. The association has two types of members:

4.1 Organization members, these include the provincial higher education Women’s Club and the Thai study abroad women’s Club with the same objective as objectives three and have members who meet the qualifications specified in objective 4.2 in accordance with this regulation there must be at least 15 members.

4.2 There are 3 types of individual memberships:

4.2.1 Ordinary members are women who have graduated from higher education institutions both within and outside the country that the International Federation of Women Universities approve.

4.2.2 Associate members include:

1. Women studying at the tertiary level

2. Women with a diploma or equivalent

3. Women with an honorary female degree

4.2.3 Honorary member are women of honor or qualifications or benefactors of the association, which the committee a proposal to invite the Honorary Members, and has been approved by the general meeting by a vote of four to three the number of members of Congress.

5. Individual type member who wishes to apply for membership except for a member in 4.2.3 must express intention by filling in the information in the individual membership application form. Then presented to the Association of Directors, with one ordinary member signing to certify that they have complete qualifications according to the regulations for the steering committee to consider Members deserve to be members regardless of race, religion or creed. When the Steering Committee sees Deserve to be a member, the Secretary-General shall notify the applicant in writing within 30 days from the date the committee resolves to be a member and have paid maintenance fees.

6. Members of the organization Organizations that qualify under Article 4.1 request to the Board of Higher Education Women named. “The University of Higher Education Women (respective province)” or “Thai Higher Education Women’s Club in (respective country and state).

7. Individual membership shall expire on the following:

7.1 Decease

7.2 Resignation

7.3 Ordered by the court to be incompetent, or deem to be virtual incompetent

7.4 behavior that is hostile to the association or brought disgrace to the association, in that, the Board of Directors are vote for the resignation of the defendant, three out of four shall determine the resolution.

7.5 Overdue on subscription fee for more than three years and had receive written letter from the association for at least three times without complying within thirty days.

8. Organization membership’s members ends when the association or club has no activity for 1 consecutive year.


Privileges and Duties


9. Members of the association or club has the right to decorate a symbol of society.

10. Members has the right to express opinion, inquire and request for various financial accounts of the society for beneficial purposes.

11. Only members allow to comment in the meeting.

12. Members of fifteen and over have the right to jointly propose to the Board of Directors to held a General Meeting to disgust urgent matter related to social activities and Board of Directors must convene the meeting within 45 days.

13. Members would have the right to receive various benefits from organizing social activities.

14. Individual members are responsible for paying dues to the associations or clubs that they belong to at the following rates.

14.1 The member pays a maintenance fee of 100 baht per year or a one-time fee of 1,000 baht, which is considered a lifetime membership.

14.2 Contribution members pay an annual maintenance fee of 50 baht or a one-time maintenance fee of 500 baht, which is considered a lifetime member.

15. Members are obliged to comply with rules and regulations. Helping businesses and practicing the objectives of society.


Board of Directors


16. The association operates on its objectives under the direction of a committee of 21 people called the “Board of Directors” consisting of a president, two vice presidents, secretary, treasurer, receptionist, librarian, registrar, international relations and other positions as necessary and appropriate.

17. The election of Board of Directors, The general meeting shall elect fourteen members by secret ballot. The Board of Directors at the general meeting, shall appoint

seven members who deems to have appropriate qualifications to join as directors, including representatives from MCOT Foundation as the Managing Director.

18. The Board of Directors elected among themselves to hold various positions, president and both vice presidents must be elected by the general meeting.

19. The Board of Directors position terms for three years and can be re-elected again. President may be re-elected after full terms,however, can only remain in position for no longer than 2 consecutives years, exceptions, in the case of second term of position is served for less than 1 year, it is eligible to be elected in the third term.

20. If such position of the Board of Director is vacant for other reasons disregarding time of term’s service,In the event of the position belongs to a director who has been elected by the general meeting, the position shall subsequently forward to the next favorable vote elected at the general meeting.

21. Directors retiring from duty in the following cases:

21.1 Served a full term

21.2 Decease

21.3 Resignation

21.4 Relieved from the association

22. Board of Directors’ duties:

22.1 Manage according to the policy within the objectives of the association and the meeting.

22.2 Appoint the chief of the project, the chief of the department and monitoring committee for specific matters to monitor and evaluate the performance of the department’s performance and projects

22.3 Organize a meeting and propose a policy for consideration

22.4 Organize a Board of Director meeting at least once a month

22.5 Promote and support the organization’s work activities

22.6 Consider and certify treasurer financial offers.

23. The Board of Directors has the right to regulate in any practice as see fit under the regulations and objectives of the society

24. The Board of Directors has the right to appoint a consultant,to give advice and opinions. Appoint committee, sub-committees or regular officers to perform work as necessary and appropriate in accordance with the objectives of the association.

25. A quorum of the Board must consist of at least one third of the board directors. However, in the event that there is a payment obligation of 5000 baht or more, the quorum must consist of at least two-thirds of the number of the board directors.

26. All Directors except President and Vice President have the right to appoint a member to be representative in the board of director meetings in a of absent and could not need to attend the meeting. However, the representative would no right to vote nor appoint. Representatives attending the conference shall provide written letter prior to the secretary-general or the president of the association.

27. The Board of Directors may appoint a member in various professional fields to be represent in each professional field, allowing coordination, remark and advisory. Advisor, committee or sub committee appointed must have serve the position equal to the director’s term of service.

28. The Project President who wishes to appoint a committee or subcommittee to perform tasks are to propose name of candidates Board of Directors for approval.

29. The Board of Directors appointed two representatives from Association’s Executive Director represent Association of Women Education Foundation, in accordance to the term of Association of Women Higher Education.

30. Project President or the director who has received the responsibility to perform tasks, particularly in delivering all documents on task performed and contact are to report to the secretary-general of the association within 30 days from the date of expiration terms. To collect, assemble and forward to the new set board of directors. In the event of premature expiration of term, the project chairman or the responsible director must comply.

31. The president of the association whom has retired on the agenda or for such other reason must forward all documents of contacts, operations and record of pending task to new Board of Directors within 30 days from the date of election of the new director or date of due terms.




32. The agenda for the annual conference is to be held in February, the quorum must consist of at least 30 members. Providing the quorum does not meet, the conference shall be rescheduled within 15 days since the first conference. In the second conference, if there are not enough attendees, it is considered a quorum. In the event of an extraordinary general meeting, according to Article 12, if there is a quorum does not meet, the conference are to be cancel.

33. The Board of Directors set the date, time, place and agenda in the form of written notice to the all members at least 15 days prior.

34. At the annual general meeting The Board of Director must report activities and operation of the past year, answering questions from members and presenting the association’s financial report and balance sheet to be proposed to the general meeting with

the appointment of an auditor. Consider other matters accorded to the agenda of the meeting and proceeding to elect new sets board of directors in the following upcoming years.



35. The Board of Directors jointly responsible for maintaining the property and funds of the association. According to the Board of Directors will be enacted with the approval of the general meeting.

36. The Board of Directors shall prepare financial accounts and assets of the association in accordance to the accounting principles as accurate and up to date.

37. The Board of Directors has the power to pay and jointly responsible in particular payments and are to comply with strict financial regulations. The President or Vice President and Treasurer or Secretary-General shall sign the disbursement.


Amendments to regulations


38. This regulation may be amended only by a resolution of the general meeting, which has an approval vote of not less than two-thirds of the number of members attending the meeting.




39. The dissolution of the association must have a favorable vote of not less than two-thirds of total members.

40. In the event of dissolution of the association for any reason, A committee member shall be appointed to audit the accounts, unless the meeting resolves to dissolve the association. After the account is settled, the remaining of properties is given to an organization with a similar purpose or another charitable organization. As the general meeting deems appropriate.